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Hip-Hop is fairly new and we should treat this wonderful blessing as a child who should be nurtured and cared for.” Abstrakt Mind aka A:M born Hakeem Sufyaan is a Hip-Hop artist hailing from Hamden,CT. ”

Having a background in creative writing was helpful and key to him becoming an artist. A:M grew up in a household where Teddy Pendergrass was playing while going to run errands in his mother’s Mitsubishi Galant and Jay-Z playing when his father would pick him up from school. Being fascinated by the variety of sounds he was interested in, he dove into different genres, but Hip-Hop was the standout for him. There was just something about those jazzy vibes from A Tribe Called Quest that he just couldn’t stay away from, and the message of “knowledge of self” was a powerful message to him.

Aiming high and being inspired by the greats before him, he aimed to touch the masses with words and studied the pioneers and carved his own lane in Hip-Hop from then on. In November 2014 he dropped his first mixtape entitled Rebirth Of A New ERa followed by a 1 year hiatus and releasing The Pen To Pad Theory Vol. 1 in ¬†early 2016. He performed at his first venue in NY at Club Pyramid which featured a good draw and gave him the confidence to pursue his passion and turn this dream into a reality. A:M has also been featured on blogs such as : Insomniac Magazine, The Dope Show, Bound2HipHop, The Greener Side Of Hip Hop and more! A:M separates himself from the lot by shying away from what everyone in the industry is in favor of and “what’s hot” and goes with his gut. “9-5 just ain’t working for me, I clearly see I’m bound to buck and leave, shit. So get sumthn!

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